Relocalization, Peak Oil and Climate Change Planning for the Ocean State

East Bay wind vs. Tea Party, saving public transit

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EcoRI has the latest on the battle brewing over bringing a wind power installation to Tiverton. Ocean State Tea Party in Action paints East Bay Energy Consortium as a dangerous threat, and the attempt to bring wind turbines to Tiverton as a “land grab.” Read all about it.

Abel Collins of RI Sierra Club heads to the General Assembly today to advocate for RIPTA. From Abel: “After pouring my heart and soul into the effort to save RIPTA, I am thrilled to carry more than 5500 petition signatures to the House Finance Committee today in support of the Public Transit Investment Act. It’s a pivotal moment for RI transit and for me, and I am ready. Statehouse, here I come.” Thank you, Abel, and thanks to everyone that signed to preserve public transit in this state.

Wickford Junction train station officially open!

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Even as RIPTA service is threatened, the opening of the train station at Wickford Junction was very exciting news for residents in South County. WPRI reported on opening day. Fare information can be found in the article, as well as directions to the station. Here is the link to MBTA’s schedule page for the line.

    Wickford Junction and T.F. Green: $2.25 each way ($3 starting July 1, 2012)
    Wickford Junction and Providence: $2.50 each way ($3.25 starting July 1, 2012)
    Wickford Junction and Boston’s South Station: $9 each way ($11 starting July 1, 2012)
    Half price for seniors and those with physical disabilities
    Free for children age 11 and younger when accompanied by a paying adult

The extension project finished ahead of schedule and under budget, taking less than two years to complete. Let’s hope, since they built it, we will come. This is a tremendous gift from RIDOT and the state of Rhode Island, with the specific aim of reducing automobile congestion. Use the train!

The future according to National Geographic

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A comprehensive look from a future vantage point on how we sacrificed sustainability for growth. This documentary is brilliantly done, and looks at water, energy, food, climate change, and more. Essential viewing.

Garth Lenz on the true cost of oil: the Alberta Tar Sands project

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At a TEDx talk in Victoria, Garth Lenz spells it out. A compelling and revealing call to action to fight against this man-made environmental catastrophe.

And now the good news: Revive the Roots

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Last week, some of us attended a talk by permaculture teacher Steve Whitman, down from Plymouth, NH. It was sponsored by Revive the Roots, the incredible organic ag/permaculture project taking root in Smithfield. Members of Revive the Roots also spoke about their own work, which includes outreach “forest garden” projects at University of Rhode Island, CCRI, Bryant University and Roger Williams Park. Support the visionary work of Revive the Roots.

Post Carbon Institute: The Fight of the Century

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Essential reading; the latest from Richard Heinberg and PCI

As the world economy crashes against debt and resource limits, more and more countries are responding by attempting to salvage what are actually their most expendable features—corrupt, insolvent banks and bloated militaries—while leaving the majority of their people to languish in “austerity.” The result, predictably, is a global uprising. This current set of conditions and responses will lead, sooner or later, to social as well as economic upheaval—and a collapse of the support infrastructure on which billions depend for their very survival.

NYC: Farmers vs. Monsanto

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Occupy Providence leaves Burnside Park

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This past weekend, the encampment that began in Providence’s Burnside Park in mid-October, pulled up stakes and vacated. EcoRI has the story. The OP tribe is to be applauded for their resilience, the strength of their commitment, and their willingness to face winter gales, legal challenges and all manner of adversity to advance the cause of social justice. Thanks to Robert Malin, Jared Paul and all of Occupy Providence, who maintain that this is only the first chapter in an ongoing fight.

You Are Here: the Oil Journey

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The latest from Post Carbon Institute. Share widely.

#OWS: Take back the commons

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